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Biogeo M

Localized Microgranular corrective




The product is intended for use in topsoil and substrates, in ground and off-soil. It promotes the development of fungus such as Metarhizium anisopliae that prefer proteins and chitinic substances like those found in the bodies of insects and mites, developing on them and producing high concentrations of spores, even 109 CFU/g, which, when coming into contact with other insects, germinate on their bodies and develop by feeding off them.

These insects include Otiorhynchus, Wireworms, Diabrotica, Cutworms, as well as Sciarids, etc.

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According to legislative decree 75/2010


Total calcium oxide (CaO)33,7%
Total sulfuric anhydride (SO3)48%
Total magnesium (Mg)0.8%
Total silicon (Si)0.5%
Total iron (Fe)0,1%
Total potassium (K20)0,1%
Total sodium (Na)0.1%

Raw materials: calcium sulphate only from natural origin.


GREENHOUSE CROPS: 6-8 kg/1000 mq – Localized: 2,5-5 kg

CROPS IN OPEN FIELD: 10-30 kg/ha with granulator during transplanting or sowing.

CORN: 12-15 kg/ha

Suitable for mixing in topsoil and substrates at 0,4 – 0,6 Kg/mc.

Suitable for localized introduction in ground and off-soil bags at 1 – 2 Kg/1000 mq. The physical form in minigranules allows a higher uniformity.


Storage and Shelf life: Stone the product out of the sun and way from heat sources. When stored in a cool place it has a one-year shelf life

Limitations of liability and warnings: The analysis concerns the product at origin. Being an organic product with no chemical stabilizers, it is possible that the concentrations stated may vary. The product contain no GMOs or harmful substances, however, it is not a food product and should not be ingested. In case of contact with skin and eyes, rinse thoroughly with plenty of fresh water.


Fertilizer in compliance with Legislative Decree N° 75/1010 of 29 April 2010

Authorized in organic farming

According to EC Regulation N° 834/2007 of 28 June 2007

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